​​ Caravan El Noor (Caravan of Light) creates and performs devotional chants, songs, and dances from various spiritual traditions. Inspired by the Universal Sufi tradition, in which all paths to the Divine are honored, Caravan El Noor invites audience participation and plays music that polishes the heart and enlightens the mind through sacred, mantric phrases and sound. 

Our Mission is to unify people of various cultural and belief traditions under the One-ness of our humanity and to provide a container of transformation that facilitates the healing of heart, mind and spirit in order to awaken us to the fullness of our human potential.
Jihan “Gigi” Amer - lead vocals, harmonium.
Robert Hansen - vocals, guitar, oud, dotar. 
Andrew Foehner - tabla, doumbek, frame drums, djembe, percussion, vocals. 
Vanessa Hafiza Ragan - vocals, percussion, guitar.
Patrick Lei - bass, vocals.
Anne Cleveland - vocals, flute.
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  Jihan “Gigi” Amer, Egyptian born and native Arabic speaker, always loved to sing and write songs since childhood; there have been many moments of inspiration throughout her lifetime in which lyrics, melodies and energy would channel through her wanting to be expressed creatively.  Musically, she was raised listening to Om Kalthoum, the famous Egyptian female singer, and Arabic Folk Music. Classically, Gigi has played violin and viola during her earlier years. However, it is the devotional chants that have her heart. Gigi has been inspired by various artists and spiritual-musical practices; such as Krishna Das, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP), Sufi Zikr, Qawwali, and Indian Kirtan. Gigi is a certified dance leader for the Dances of Universal Peace, founder of the South Bay Chant Circle, as well as an initiate in the Sufi Inayati and Ruhaniat traditions. She is lead vocalist, cellist, harmonium player and melodic/lyric originator with Caravan El Noor (the Caravan of Light). Gigi also works as Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Health & Life Coach.

Vanessa Hafiza Ragan has been singing and playing sacred music for the Dances of Universal Peace since 2000 (guitar and hand drums) and is also a certified mentor and leader in that tradition. Since she was a little girl, she would sing and sing in any circumstance, and sung harmonies in choirs, and in rock and folk bands. From an early age, Vanessa had a strong sense of social justice and awareness of cultures different from her own.  Having lived for years in Mexico and Asia, she speaks several languages, feels herself to be a citizen of the earth--united with all-- and believes that world peace comes about through listening, hearts embracing each other one by one, and as a collective intention.  Vanessa Hafiza considers herself a mystic, as she has studied many of the world's religions and sees the common truth revealed at their core.   She is an initiate of a Sufi order in the Chisti lineage and is an ordained Sufi Cheraga ("light bearer" and interfaith minister) who loves creating meaningful and atmospheric ceremonies while beaming love and presence.
Patrick Lei  Creating has been calling for as long as he can remember.  Writing, drawing and sculpting since earliest childhood, he sang in choir in elementary school and took up the guitar at 12.  Folk, r & b, soul, rock, punk, new wave, techno, ambient, his love of music evolved as music evolved, maturing into jazz, classical, and world musics, especially bossa nova, as he grew to adulthood.  These musical strains would continually cycle through his music making as he searched to find his own voice.  Singing, songwriting, guitar and bass playing, these interests saw him collaborating on many projects, performing with bands and alone, and even included a stint as jazz singer. 
Along with drawing and writing projects, from the farcical and fantastic to issue-oriented non-fiction, creating remains a life-sustaining endeavor as Patrick Lei strives to bridge the distances between people with works that focus on hope, humor, compassion and justice.  
Andrew Foehner  an initiate of the Sufi Inayati Order, has had a passion for percussion since a very young age and has been formally studying Indian, African and Middle Eastern percussion for over twenty five years. He travelled to Guinea West Africa in 2001 to study with Djembe Master Mamady Kieta and has studied tabla with Indian music Master Pandit Ashwin Batish and Steve Robertson. Andrew has also studied guitar and bass to further develop his musical skills and along with Caravan El Noor has performed with a variety of acts including Ashwin Batish’s Sitar Power Band, Panther Percussion African Drum and Dance Troupe, and the Living Devotion Kirtan Band on djembe, tabla, doumbek, frame drum and a wide array of percussion instruments. 
Robert Hansen started playing guitar at 7 years old and has had over 16 years of training. He studied folk, rock, classical and then jazz. Later on his musical journey, he picked up the mandolin, the Arabic oud and  the indian dotar. He was in various world beat and jazz fusion bands in Boulder Co. before he came to California. He has sung in choirs and enjoys singing harmony. Group singing has always been healing for him. Spirituality has also been a path and focus that is important for him. Robert found music to be a path to the Divine.
 Anne Cleveland vocals, flute, and percussion, has been teaching and performing music for over 30 years. After graduating with her Music Degree from UCSC, she taught and performed Jazz, Bulgarian, Celtic, and Classical Music around the Bay Area. Most recently, she has become involved in playing devotional music from various traditions. She practices and teaches “Yoga for the Voice” known as Werbeck singing.  

"This concert was beyond good music, it was 
Shamanically activating!"

- Scott Munro
"I am deeply touched by the harmonies created by this Trio. Their melodious Middle Eastern sounds transport me through space and time to a place which is no place-- the Presence inside myself both within my walls and without them. Caravan El Noor's amazingness stems from their gentle passion; imagine snowflakes in sunshine, rainbows and warm hugs. Entrancing drumbeats, soothing guitar, mesmerizing violin. Their singing may bring you to tears, feeling so deep into your heart. And bring you back out again, aware of the world around you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine before listening. In one word their music is : T R A N S F O R M A T I V E. "
   - Cory Willow Tree
I listened to "Stream of Love" during a very difficult time in my family. The song "I call upon you Lord" was my constant companion. As the tears streamed out, the music was a soothing balm to the soul. The band is heartfelt and holds a deep reverence for Humanity.

- Leela